The Executive Producer who has shipped the most western MMOs, Walton brings 40+ years of experience from studios such as Maxis, BioWare, and Sony Online Entertainment and is joined by Omar Abdelwahed, Vice President of Engineering

SAN MARCOS, Calif. – June 8, 2022 – Playable Worlds has appointed MMO trailblazer Gordon Walton as Executive Producer and Chief Product Officer. At Playable Worlds, Walton will lead the team currently working on the company’s cloud-native sandbox MMO game. Walton has over 40 years of video game industry experience, having worked on notable franchises including Star WarsThe SimsUltima Online, and more. In addition to Walton, Playable Worlds appointed Omar Abdelwahed as Vice President of Engineering.

About Gordon Walton

Before joining Playable Worlds, Walton held senior executive roles at AAA studios such as Konami, Origin, Maxis, Sony Online Entertainment, and BioWare where he oversaw multiple MMO development teams. As Executive Producer and Chief Product Officer at Playable Worlds, Walton will provide invaluable leadership and direction for the team behind the sandbox MMO game, while also growing the company with the best talent in the industry.

About Omar Abdelwahed

With over 20 years of experience serving in senior technical roles, Omar has led various software engineering teams and launched multiple games for Ubisoft, 2K, East Side Games, and Playstudios. An expert in software development and cloud-based architectures, Omar will oversee the team building the software to support the sandbox MMO title in his role as Vice President of Engineering.

“Walton and Abdelwahed form a powerhouse in leadership and team synergy to drive our creation and development processes,” said Raph Koster, CEO and co-founder at Playable Worlds. “They are experts in their craft and will ensure that our MMO reaches its full potential, offering players meaningful online interactions and unforgettable experiences. I’m looking forward to seeing what we accomplish together.”

“I’ve long admired Raph and Eric for the innovative ways they’ve pushed the boundaries of what is possible in the games space,” said Gordon Walton, Executive Producer and Chief Product Officer at Playable Worlds. “Joining Playable Worlds offers an opportunity to lead a talented team and ship a groundbreaking experience, something that will change the landscape of gaming.”

Playable Worlds was co-founded by industry veterans Raph Koster (Ultima OnlineStar Wars Galaxies) and Eric Goldberg (MadMaze). The company is actively recruiting and various positions are currently open for application at:

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About Playable Worlds

Playable Worlds, Inc. is a multiverse company creating immersive worlds with diverse player experiences, social integration, and higher retention, based in San Marcos, CA. Founded in 2018 by online gaming veterans Raph Koster and Eric Goldberg, Playable Worlds creates cloud-native online worlds by combining proprietary technology with expertise in service operations, community building, and online game design. For more information, please visit

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