We create playable worlds.

Worlds with beauty and ecosystems.

Worlds with persistence.

Worlds with freedom of choice.

Worlds where you are the focus of your own story.

We breathe a new life into these worlds.

With inhabitants that hope and think.

With consequences for actions.

We enable complex communities and societies.

No future is foreordained. These worlds wait for you.

Playable Worlds

Recent News

How Ultima Online Shapes Playable Worlds

September 27, 2022|

For those that don’t know, Ultima Online is celebrating 25 years of continuous online play this month! Our CEO Raph Koster (Lead Designer on Ultima Online) helped bring UO to life all those years ago, and continues to draw inspiration from that original vision. And here we are, 25 years later, building new playable worlds. Worlds that feel alive and dynamic, where you can play from any device; using modern cloud-native architecture.

Riffs by Raph: Sandbox versus Themepark

September 1, 2022|

I just watched a couple of videos about sandbox vs themepark games (in particular one by NerdSlayer and another by Josh “Strife” Hayes)… One thing that struck me about the ways players often talk about this (because at this point the history is so old) is that people think of sandbox as the older version of MMOs, and themeparks as newer. But that’s not right – sandbox is not the older form. Sandboxes are the evolution of themepark MMOs, not the antecedent.

Video Game Day 2022

July 8, 2022|

For National Video Game Day, we asked the team what their all-time favorite game is and why. Yes, a bold request to ask of passionate gamers (some who may or may not have over a thousand games in their Steam libraries…)  Keep reading to learn more about our favorite games!

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