News Brief

The first issue of Games: Research and Practice was released today by the Association for Computing Machinery Digital Library. Games: Research and Practice offers a lighthouse for games research – a central reference point that defines the state of the art on games and playable media across academic research and industry practice.

Playable Worlds, Inc. is delighted that Raph’s article was selected for this important first issue. “Any future vision of the metaverse must assume that it can and will be accessed via all the sorts of devices we commonly use, in whatever way best suits the user's purpose. The core definitional qualities have to do with the server-side data, not the client rendering capabilities.” – Raph Koster

The article is entitled From Online World to Metaverse: The Future of Online Games and Games Researchand is available at no cost at the link below.

You can view the first issue here:
You can learn more about the ACM’s work here: